547727_446082562092372_164566363_n`Ello, I’m Alyssa. I’m a 26 year old Alumna of The Ohio State University living in Columbus, Ohio. I suppose I’m what you would call a late bloomer, or maybe I just perfected procrastinating at an early age (my mother does like to remind me I was 12 days late) but I didn’t start really getting into reading until middle school. In my defense, I’m an odd combo of athlete and geek (I come from a small high school, I suppose we all had to overlap cliched niche groups) so I was busy with sports for most of my childhood.

This blog will consist primarily of books and reading and reviews. Sometimes I might venture in to other things, because sometimes I can’t help myself with a captive audience. For those interested, if it matters, I have always preferred English and European writers to Americans. My degree forced me to take an American Lit class and I complained and moaned and groaned from the point of seeing it on the requirements until the last day of class. (And then for weeks after.)

It is now common knowledge to avoid bookstores because I will insist we go in. I will say “I just want to look” and end up buying a book. I will go to clearance sales knowing full well I likely wont read half the books I buy within five years and still go and still buy books. I own multiple copies and multiple books, and I do have my favorites. There are certain books I will automatically judge someone on if they are their favorite. You might not be able to judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m a firm believer that you can judge a person by their favorite book.


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