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#24In48 End Review

readathon-238x300Hosted By #24In48

Books read from: 5
Pages read: >822
Hours read: Day 1 – 13, Day 2 – >8 = 21

I’m not technically done but I’m assuming if I know myself well enough, I wont feel like writing this later on. So, I’ve taken a break to get around to it. I wasn’t as present on social media this readathon as I would have liked to have been. Usually, I post on instagram a lot more often and I can’t remember if I even did this go around. Additionally, since I’m not technically done I intend to reach the 24 hour mark later tonight. (Also, that explains why I just stuck greater than signs up there.)

I started the readathon by finishing Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton. I only recently started reading historical biographies, and I think this one was my favorite. Not just because of the connection to the musical that I love, but actually Chernow had a lot to do with it. His style of narration and writing really highlight how much admiration he holds for Hamilton, and it was fun to read someone who seemed excited to be telling the story. (Not to mention, Hamilton had an insane life.) I plan to write a longer review later in the week.

I moved on to continue my reread of A Series of Unfortunate Events with The Wide Window. Remembering from the movie as much as I can (it’s been awhile) I believe this was the book they fudged the most (but it had freakin Meryl Streep as Aunt Josephine so really who was paying attention). Side note: I love that movie and in recent years feel like I’m in the minority and it confuses me. I’ve officially hit the books the movie didn’t cover so we’re in murky territory now.Clone_Army_Attacketh_Cover

Then I read a pretty odd book…William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh. It’s a novelization of the second Star Wars movie as if written by a Shakespeare play. For what it was, it was entertaining and adapted pretty well. It followed the exact plot of the movie, down to dialogue where applicable. I think the funnier parts were R2-D2’s beeping written out as dialogue, and Jar Jar Binks & Yoda’s speech patterns in the elizabethan style.

I’ve also realized that due to my slow reading, I’m taking my Harry Potter reread at my own pace. I might finish by my birthday in May, but we’ll see. For the readathon I read through Prisoner of Azkaban, the one that always stuck me in the minority of the HP Fandom. I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite HP book/movie but I’m pretty indifferent on Prisoner of Azkaban. I remember not liking the style of the 3rd movie at all when it came out, some of the aspects have grown on me (never the talking head tho). I think it comes from the fact that I’m just not as big of a Sirius Black/Marauders fangirl as I see a majority of the fandom online as being. But the good news is I get to read my favorite, Goblet of Fire, next!

And now I’m off to settle in and start reading on The Witches again. I had to take a major break from it because Hamilton happened. Back to 1612 Salem!

Hope you all had a successful #24In48! See you at the next readathon!


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